WØARC repeaters

Regular net each Monday evening at 7:00 PM, local time on our 2 Meter repeater.

Fusion repeaters in the rack

147.045 MHz, +600 KHz, 146.2 Hz CTCSS

Echolink node 688179 (ABØDX) is available on our 2 Meter repeater.
To connect to another node just enter node# on your keypad. To disconnect, press #.
To hear a local weather report, enter 99* on your keypad.

443.700 MHz, +5.0 MHz, 146.2 Hz CTCSS

Both repeaters are set to Auto/Auto.
Auto/Auto means that the repeater will repeat digital and analog signals as sent.
If you have a System Fusion capable radio set to Auto, you will hear what is being said.
If you have an analog only radio, or a System Fusion capable radio set to Analog, you will hear
digital hash when digital communication is in progress, unless you have tone quelch turned on.

Set your Transmit and Receive CTCSS to 146.2 Hz to avoid hearing digital conversationsas
as white noise on your traditional FM radio. This also prevents you from hearing signals from outside our area when propagation goes wild and brings them in.

green box  Photos from 2009 antenna party

Photos from 2008 antenna party

Click photo for larger picture.
Mounting the antenna tower.
Mounting the
antenna tower.

Preparing the antenna.
Preparing the antenna.

Antenna on it's tower.
Antenna on its tower.