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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now requires all volunteers, including amateur radio operators, to have completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) IS-100.c, IS-200.b, IS-700.b and IS-800.c course material. These courses are available as on-line independent-study courses that are free of charge at the links above.

All amateur radio operators participating in emergencies must have completed the FEMA training courses. A secondary reason for requiring these courses is that grant money from various government organizations requires certification of all emergency participants, including volunteers.

All members must have a common understanding of the ICS. The baseline courses are defined above.

We also recommend either the free KYHam or the fee required ARRL EC-001 course so that everyone has the fundamental knowledge of how amateur radio operates as part of emergency communications. In order to be a member of ARES you must complete 4 on-line courses and should complete 1 more on-line course – that’s it!

ARRL Iowa Section ARES Code of Conduct

To register with ARES, complete ARRL Form FSD-98 and send, or give it to your local EC - Emergency Coordinator or AEC - Assistant Emergency Coordinator. In Washington County, Iowa, the EC is Mark Lukins, ABØDX and the AEC is Lynn Reasor, NØXOB

Most hams interested in ARES have a basic understanding of FM voice communication, as a result of the popularity of 2 Meters and the low price of radios for that band and mode. With the practice that comes from net check-ins, public service events and our exercises, this skill level will allow you to contribute during emergencies.

ARES members are expected to own a computer with an Internet connection and have some knowledge of its operation. Email is our primary tool for newsletters and day-to-day communications.

More FEMA Courses for ARES®

Message handling

Filling Out the ICS 213 General Message Form (PDF)
San Diego ARES Message Handling Tutorial
New York City ARECS-Message Handling Using the ICS 213 Form (PDF)