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Washington County, Iowa, ARES® Operations

ARES Net info

Every Monday
Local TimeNameNormal FrequencyAlternate Frequency
7:30PM Washington Co. ARES Net 147.045 146.2 CTCSS
and Echolink 688179

146.415 Simplex
146.55 Simplex

Wind generator Emergency power sources The first Monday of each month is now designated as "alternative power" week on the Washington Co. ARES Service Net. Participants are encouraged to check-in using their emergency power supply to verify its performance. This test of our emergency power capability demonstrates our readiness to support our served agencies in a time of commercial power loss.

When checking in, please indicate whether using emergency or commercial power.

Map of Iowa simplex ARES frequencies

​Iowa ARES Traffic Nets

147.045+ MHz, 146.2 Hz CTCSS Monday @ 7:30pm - Washingtom Co. ARES Net
146.745- MHz Sunday @ 7:00pm - Linn Co. ARES Net
145.390- MHz Sunday @ 8:00pm - Jones Co. ARES Net
146.865 MHz Third Monday @ 8:15pm - Southeast IA ARES Net
145.270- MHz Sunday @ 8:30pm - Johnson Co. ARES Net
147.300+ MHz Sunday @ 8:30pm - Delaware Co. ARES Net
146.910- MHz Sunday @ 9:00pm - Muscatine Co. ARES Net
146.94- MHz Sunday @ 9:00pm - Black Hawk Co. ARES Net
3970.0 kHz - Sunday @ 5:30-6:00pm - IA State ARES Net
145.230- MHz - Monday @ 6:30pm - Benton Co. ARES Net
3995.0 kHz - First Monday @ 5:30pm - IA State EOC Net
3572.5 kHz +/- Olivia 8-500 - Tuesday @ 7:00pm - Iowa ARES Digital Net (IDN)

Section-wide Frequencies

Iowa ARES Traffic and Emergency Net (ITEN)
3970.0 kHz - Sunday, 5:30 PM (6 PM in Summer) - Iowa Traffic & Emergency Net
7235.0 kHz

Iowa ARES Digital Net

Iowa RACES Net

3574.0 kHz (center frequency)
7114.0 kHz (center frequency)
3990.5 kHz
7250.0 kHz